Details of 2018 Club Mixed League announced


This years internal club league will be a mixed league comprising of one men’s doubles, one ladies doubles and two mixed games.

The selection and tournament committee decided on the following league rules:

  • Matches must be played on or before the fixed date. Start time 7.30pm.
  • Match dates:
    • Monday, March 3rd, Team 2 versus team 3
    • Thursday March 15th Team 1 versus Team 2
    • Thursday March 22nd Team 1 versus team 3
  • Novice player will play with a plus 5 Handicap
  • Player with a grade H will play with a plus 3 handicap.
  • Each team will receive one box of shuttles free but must pay for shuttles after this.
  • Entry is €5 per person and hall is free.
  • Use league team sheet to record the score of each match.
  • Finals night Thursday April the 5th Top two teams play-off
  • Subs can be used but must be a player of the same grade

The teams are as follows:

  • Team 1
    • Bobby Ipye
    • Bernie Maher (Capt)
      Gerry Maher
    • Jeanne Mc Namara
  • Team 2
    • Jackie Dunne
    • Aine Morrissey (Capt)
    • Stephen McNamara
    • Anita Larkin
  • Team 3
    • Pat Chapman
    • Sarah Warner (Capt)
    • Mick Kennedy
    • Marie Dollard

The Selection and Tournament Committee Chairman, Seamus Hearne, will be the league secretary.

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